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About Us

Welcome to Brick Jackets.

With over 20 years’ of experience in the building industry we realise what issues there can be on site. From projects going on longer than expected, to unforeseen issues it is easy for projects to go over budget or for time to be wasted.

With budgets and company reputations on the line, minor improvements can have long-term benefits and that’s why we developed Brick Jackets.

One of the frustrations we experienced time and time again was time and money wasted when bricks had been exposed to poor weather conditions and had become saturated with water. Saturated bricks will have all of their natural pore space filled with water which will cause the water to leak out once the brick has been laid and staining the brickwork beneath it. As well as causing aesthetic problems, saturated bricks ‘float’ on the mortar and will not bed in properly, causing structural issues.

Save time, save money

To prevent these issues, developed a practical and cost-effective way to protect bricks and blocks.

Brick Jackets slip over your bricks as soon as they arrive on site and protect them from the elements, helping to ensure that they are viable and ready to use when needed. As well as protecting your bricks and blocks, the bright-yellow coverings are easy to see and should prevent accidental collisions from site staff and machinery.

The Jackets fit over all standard pallet sizes and therefore can be slipped over your bricks and blocks as soon as they arrive on site.

We spent years developing the right material to ensure water resistance and durability meaning that the jackets can be used again and again, having the potential to save you thousands of pounds in materials and labour.

We supply some of the largest building developers in the UK with our standard and customised Jackets.

Our customers can even have their Brick Jackets customised with their company name and logo. Please get in touch for further information.


As we have grown as a company we like to give something back to the community. In recent years we have sponsored two athletes to help them move forward in their chosen disciplines.

Ted Cheeseman - Professional Boxer

Ted has been described as a ‘hot prospect’ by British Boxing News. He is a Superwelterweight fighter who has appeared at the 20,000-capacity O2 Arena in London. Ted was a decorated amateur boxer and has proven his worth at the professional level, too.

Steve Powell - Truck Racer

Steve is a Division Two title holder of the British Truck Racing Championship. He has had a successful career, securing 56 podium positions and 21 wins from just 77 races.

Truck racing has seen its popularity increase in recent years, particularly in Europe. We are hoping that with our sponsorship, Steve and his team can reach even greater heights in the championship divisions.

You can find out more about Ted and Steve’s events on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Come and view our products.


Our Clients


  • Alex Brown, Director | DP Brickwork Contractors

    What a fantastic product brickjackets.com have come up with. This product is strong, waterproof and looks smart. It allows me to put as many bricks out as I want in front of the bricklayers without having to worry about them getting wet which makes a big difference on site. They also keep the bricks from falling which is a big plus in terms of health and safety. And the cost is next to nothing, this is value for money at its best. Their customer service was also excellent, they were a pleasure to deal with and they could not do enough for you. I would recommend them and their product to anyone

  • Paul Ockenden, Director | P and O Brickwork

    Yet to determine the lifespan of the jackets but very promising so far. They always recieve complimentary comments from directors/managers during site inspections. Not cheap but reasonably priced which we are expecting to recoup on cleaning down savings after winter builds. Since using them our competitors on consortium sites have adopted the same protection.

  • Charlotte Pienaar | Anglian Brickwork Ltd

    Brick Jackets offers a good service and keep you informed of delivery dates. The product is brilliant for keeping stacked bricks; dry and free from frost during the winter. They keep bricks in neat stacks and prevent them from falling over and spilling onto the scaffold. The Client, Architect and Contractor are very impressed to see the bricks covered with these jackets.

  • Kevin McSkimming, Senior Buyer | Ad Bly Construction Ltd

    Brick Jackets Ltd have consistently delivered high quality products. I have found them to be efficient and proactive. Deliveries from time of order to arriving on site is minimal. Totally recommend.

  • Anthony Norman, Operations Director | Norman Group

    When planning materials and plant for a new project, brickjackets are one of the 1st things to go on the list, whether specified by the client or not.

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01732 414 174
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01732 414 174
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.