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The Brick Jacket will have a massive positive impact on your saftey performance and accident prevention.

  • When bricks are delievered on site, they are usually in packs and shrink wrapped. Once this wrap is removed and the bricks are stacked ready to be laid the bricks are at risk and can collapse, causing injury and damage to the bricks themselves. You can prevent this from happening by using a Brick Jacket.
  • The bright colour of the Brick Jackets make stacks of bricks more visible to make it easier for staff to be aware of stacks, even in their peripheral vision.
  • Uncovered bricks pose a safety risk as they are easier to be knocked over or topples which can be particularly hazardous on scaffolding.


With its innovative and simple design, the Brick Jacket has proven to be an extremely effective and affordable product.

The dimensions of the jackets co-ordinate with standard and imperial bricks and block sizes. Brick Jackets are manufactured from woven polypropylene, providing a strong durable cover designed to safeguard your bricks from wind, rainfall and frost.

By using a Brick Jacket you are decreasing the chance of efflorescence. Once efflorescence kicks in the Bricklayer will then have the costy and time consuming job of cleaning the bricks. If bricks become wet or frozen by the harsh weather, this can compromise your face brickwork standards. For example, smusdging and staining to the face of the brick which would need to be jet washed or acid cleaned. Acid being a harsh chemical can deteriorate the integrity of the cement.

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Our Clients


  • Alex Brown, Director | DP Brickwork Contractors

    What a fantastic product brickjackets.com have come up with. This product is strong, waterproof and looks smart. It allows me to put as many bricks out as I want in front of the bricklayers without having to worry about them getting wet which makes a big difference on site. They also keep the bricks from falling which is a big plus in terms of health and safety. And the cost is next to nothing, this is value for money at its best. Their customer service was also excellent, they were a pleasure to deal with and they could not do enough for you. I would recommend them and their product to anyone

  • Paul Ockenden, Director | P and O Brickwork

    Yet to determine the lifespan of the jackets but very promising so far. They always recieve complimentary comments from directors/managers during site inspections. Not cheap but reasonably priced which we are expecting to recoup on cleaning down savings after winter builds. Since using them our competitors on consortium sites have adopted the same protection.

  • Charlotte Pienaar | Anglian Brickwork Ltd

    Brick Jackets offers a good service and keep you informed of delivery dates. The product is brilliant for keeping stacked bricks; dry and free from frost during the winter. They keep bricks in neat stacks and prevent them from falling over and spilling onto the scaffold. The Client, Architect and Contractor are very impressed to see the bricks covered with these jackets.

  • Kevin McSkimming, Senior Buyer | Ad Bly Construction Ltd

    Brick Jackets Ltd have consistently delivered high quality products. I have found them to be efficient and proactive. Deliveries from time of order to arriving on site is minimal. Totally recommend.

  • Anthony Norman, Operations Director | Norman Group

    When planning materials and plant for a new project, brickjackets are one of the 1st things to go on the list, whether specified by the client or not.

  • Grant Rickson – Director | PGL

    We have been using Brick Jackets for over 2.5 years now and the service they provide is 100%. The product and material they supply to PGL could not be more beneficial for the company but also the construction industry. I would highly recommend Brick Jackets as a business and also Joe Short for his great service and politeness throughout. I look forward to placing more orders with brick jackets and continuing a close working relationship.

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